Start Up 2015 Seminar

The INREMO network has just had its start up seminar for 2015. Among other things, the seminar has been dedicated to discussing whether the network is to expand to address more directly the organization of the arrangement of European Commission research projects. You can see the seminar’s program below.

Microsoft Word - jan2015_Program-1.doc

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Study Tour to Hong Kong and Shenzhen

SAMSUNG CSCThe INREMO network closed 2014 with an exciting and enriching study tour to Hong Kong and Shenzhen. In Hong Kong, INREMO partners were visiting the University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong Science Museum. At the University of Hong Kong, the Center for Information Technology in Education (CITE) organized a seminar on scientific inquiry and digital representations in which our partners presented research from the MIRACLE and the SCY projects. More on this seminar can be read in this post by CITE. At the science museum, our partners met with directives and organizers of the museum’s exhibitions to learn more about their activities and educational programs. Research from MIRACLE as well as from the Visitor Engagement project, one of the projects that has resulted from the INREMO partnership.

In Shenzhen, INREMO partners visited the 2014 edition of the SIGGRAPH ASIA conference, where state of the art technology and interaction design produced and developed on graphics (as well as sound and haptics!) were presented. Our partner the Norwegian Computing Center has written and published a very nice and brief chronicle about the study tour that can be read in the last edition of their internal publication Nedbor (only in Norwegian): Nedbor-2015-01 En kinareise.

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Whatch this terrific TED performance by Hans Rosling and learn on the ways in which different forms of visualizating data might change the way we understand the world

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Inremo End-of-the-year Seminar

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Full Moon Lunch: A new meeting point

In discussions held during our last ideas seminar at Maarud Gård, having more regular, perhaps informal meetings where emerging ideas could be captured and followed up was raised as one of the network’s next steps towards stimulating innovation. To address this need, the Full Moon lunches are now started. Full Moon lunches are a meeting point where INREMO partner’s expend their lunch time together through video-conference. Prior to the meetings, we will draw a preliminary agenda that builds up on previous raised issues, and will leave the floor open for emerging ideas and suggestions.

The first Full Moon lunch is next 19th september, at 12:00. Full Moon lunches are scheduled to last about 1 hour.

We will be trying different technological solutions for the video-conferencing. For the first meeting, we are going for Google Hangouts. Skype and Adobe Connect will probably also be tested.

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2nd Ideas Seminar: Innovation in a Research Network

The next Ideas Seminar is coming soon, and here is the preliminary program. Responding to the increasing focus on the notion of «innovation» that research funding agencies are displaying, and INREMO’s interest in developing innovative projects, the seminar will be arranged to stimulate discussion over what «innovation» can be for us. The seminar will be held at Maarud Konferanse Gård during June 13th – 14th. The specific topics and activities are specified in the program. The program is in Norwegian, and can be downloaded in PDF format here: June 2013 Program5

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The Way Gone and the New Horizons

The Way Gone… 

18 months have gone since Inremo’s kick-off seminar was held in September 2011.  In that seminar, the distinctive features of the network were already drawn: an interdisciplinary arena for discussion concerned with the identification of action points where the design and development of digital artifacts and representations could be pushed further, and a declared commitment towards the establishment of interdisciplinary projects that would take up and materialize the network’s ideals in literal action. 18 month later, three such projects have been outlined and respective applications have already been sent to research funding institutions for two of them. The goal of this note is to sum up over a year of the network’s activities and achievements, and to outline some further action points.

The coalition from both private and public actors from areas as diverse as education, architecture, cultural heritage and graphical design, is perhaps the most distinctive – as well as the most challenging – feature of the INREMO network. Maintaining and supporting effective ways of communicating and collaborating has been an important achievement during the last months. In this regard, the role of the different seminars held has been determinant. In this period, we have arranged 5 seminars. Our seminars have typically involved one full day activities, though in one occasion, due to the complex and ambitious nature of the meeting, it has also involved longer sessions.

A central aspect of INREMO’s seminars is that they create opportunities to listen to and learn from each other. During the seminars, the participants have articulated what their own value for the network is, and what the needs and challenges of each of our fields were. In addition, experts in the field have been recruited as keynote speakers, extending and adding depth to the networks’ perspective.

INREMO partners add ideas to different project proposals

INREMO’s seminars have also been conceived for fostering collaboration in the development of innovative ideas and projects for future implementation. Thus, already in March 2012, the network announced that it would assign economical funding for the development of specific ideas that could be operationalized in feasible projects of interest to the different partners. In what was called the first «Ideas Seminar» (12 – 13 June 2012), the germs of several ideas were presented and actively developed during a two-days session of brainstorming and participatory design activities. As a result, the seminar gave place to the further development of three project applications, two of which have already been sent to funding institutions.

Another important aspect related to collaboration has been the arrangement of social activities, which transcend the more intellectual and practical aspects, but which nevertheless form the basis for more productive relationships between the networks’ partners. Perhaps the most salient event organized by the network in this regard has been the August 2012 study tour to Los Angeles and San Francisco in the US. In that tour, INREMO partners had the opportunity to participate in the SIGGRAPH 2012 conference. They also visited some of the most well known actors in the Information & Technology industry, such as Google and Facebook, and the prestigious The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. A memory on the INREMO network’s travel was published at Norsigd (Norwegain Association for Computer Graphics) and can be downloaded here.

The Project Applications

Two project applications have been developed so far. The projects reflect the wide scope of the interdisciplinary coalition, and cover important aspects of both research and development within the area of digital representations in different socio-cultural contexts, such as cultural heritage, education, and evaluation of users’ experience.

CHIME (Cultural Heritage Immersive Environments) is a project proposal leaded by Expology, and with the University of Oslo and Notam (Norwegian Center for Technology in Music and the Arts) as partners. The main idea of the project is to produce new tools and to develop methods for the design of immersive experiences in centers of cultural heritage and other tourist destinations. For this purpose, the project offers a combination of bold narrative story-telling with innovative sound and visualization techniques that can support visitor interaction, learning and particiaption. The specific expertise of the different partners in the project, with extensive experience and excellence in the design and implementation of museum exhibitions, education, and sound art and performance, makes the project unique in its nature and potential. It is precisely this kind of inter-professional initiatives that INREMO pursues to foster and develop. The project proposal has been sent in to the Research Council of Norway’s program for user-driven research based innovation (BIA).

INSPIRASJON is the name of yet another project sent in to the same BIA program. With the participation of Expology, the Norwegian Computing Center, the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology and the University of Oslo, the project aims to develop an innovative system evaluate the visitors’ engagement and experiences in science centers. The project involves the application and development of evaluation techniques comprising (a) collection of different kinds of data, including video-recordings and physiological measures, and (b) modeling of these data. With this project, our INREMO partners attempt to push our understanding of visitors’ experience further, and to develop new techniques that may assist in the development of more engaging and rich experiences in science centers.

The New Horizons

The network is soon having his second ideas seminars, where the guidelines for future development will be drawn. Topics of relevance will be the identification of sectors to recruit partners and expand the networks’ areas of action and of funding possibilities to launch new projects of innovation. In this latter regard, the European program «Horizon» will surely be an important target.

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Project Ideas Seminar

Next 12 – 13 of June, the INREMO network will hold its first Project Ideas Seminar. The seminar will take place at Leangkollen Hotel, in Asker, and will last during two half-days, starting at 13:00 on Tuesday, and finishing Wednesday at 13:00. In this occasion, the seminar will be arranged by Expology. During the seminar, INREMO partners will suggest and discuss ideas for possible projects within the network. A dynamic, open and participatory structure will be adopted in order to foster diversity and creativity in the process. The aim is to stimulate the formulation of innovative and feasible ideas for developing specific collaborations within the network, and in the field of interaction design and digital visualization. The INREMO network may invest up to NOK 200.000 in order to support further development of the most promising ideas. With this initiative, INREMO fulfills one of its core ambitions: that of fostering innovation in research and design of interactive visualizations by bringing together an inter-disciplinar team of professionals from industry and academy.

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Minutes from 22 March 2012 Seminar

March 22nd we had a complete, inspiring, exciting and productive meeting at Diiz’s offices in Vippetangen (Oslo). Complete because we attended a set of presentations from our different partners that covered a wide range of really interesting issues, and which in a way or another, were all relevant for INREMO’s shared interests. It was inspiring because we all could find aspects of each others’ projects, preoccupations and positions that could empower our own projects beyond our current developments. It was exciting because we all became sensitive to the possibility of something good to come out of INREMO’s efforts for bringing our ideas together. And it was productive because a number of specific tasks and activities were included in the network’s agenda that surely will materialize some of the inspiration and excitement so far aroused. Here some of these:

– Some of the presentations that were held at our seminar are available here. Please, send us your presentations if you wish to share it.

– Our study tour to USA is getting closer. It will be a wonderful occasion to getting to know the state of the art in computer graphics and interactive techniques, as we will be visiting the Siggraph 2012 conference at Los Angeles. We leave Oslo August 4th. After four days in L.A., we will fly to San Francisco August 8th, where we will visit the Exploratorium science center. There,we will also have the opportunity to visit some companies or institutions of interest for us at the Syllicone Valley area. Who/what we will visit is still open for discussion. Those of you with suggestions may contact us. We come back August 11th. This tour can be a rich source of inspiration and learning for all us. In addition, we will have the occasion to know each other’s work, interests and ideas beyond what regular seminars and formal settings usually afford.

– We will soon have an «Ideas Seminar». This time, the seminar will be hosted by Expology. During the seminar, we will discuss  specific ideas for possible, feasible future projects initiated by INREMO’s partners in alliance. In order to bring these main ideas, we challenge all you to send us drafts for possible projects that would involve collaboration between our partners. A relatively short text, preferably accompanied by illustrations, in which you describe a suggestion for a collaborative project within INREMO’s areas of interest should be sent to us within April 20th. We encourage you to involve our partners in your preliminary development of ideas if you wish, and to send in as many ideas as you may come up with.

– Otto Anshus will represent INREMO at the VERDIKT conference that will be held on 26 April. There, he will report on our activities so far, and forthcoming projects. In this regard, you are welcome to contribute with your input. Take contact if you wish that any issue regarding our network is covered or put forward at that conference.

Paricipants in the seminar were:

  • Aaberge, Terje (Vestlandsforskning)
  • Andreassen, Dag (Norsk Teknisk Museum)
  • Angell, Anette (Diiz)
  • Anshus, Otto (Ifi, University of Tromsø)
  • Fjørtoft, Trond (Diiz)
  • Furberg, Anniken (InterMedia)
  • Gjetrang, Kari (Expology)
  • Herstad, Jo (Ifi, University of Oslo)
  • Jornet Gil, Alfredo (InterMedia)
  • Kluge, Anders (InterMedia)
  • Leister, Wolfgang (Norsk Regnesentral)
  • Liestøl, Gunnar (IMK, University of Oslo)
  • Martin, Nicole (AHO)
  • Morvan, Tangui (Kalkulo)
  • Mørken, Knut (Ifi, University of Oslo)
  • Nordbye, Erik Bjerkervedt (Diiz)
  • Pierroux, Palmyre (InterMedia)
  • Sander, Preben (Expology)
  • Shlegel, Julia (Diiz)
  • Tarrou, Christian (Kalkulo)
  • Tjøstheim, Ingvar (Norsk Regnesentral)
  • Våge, Synnøve Wille (Diiz)


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