Forthcoming INREMO seminar March 22nd

INREMO network is holding its Second Seminar next 22nd of March. The seminar will be held at our most recent partner’s offices: DIIZ. The address is Akershusstranda 21, Oslo. The seminar starts at 08:30. Dinner will be served in the same location at around 16:30. You can download the seminar’s program here.
Knut Mørken, professor of Computational Mathematics at the University of Oslo, Department of Informatics, will be keynote speaker. The theme for his presentation, which frames this second seminar, will be «Education and learning when the academic frameworks are changing«. You can read more on professor Mørken here.

In addition, a number of very interesting presentations will be held by some of our partners. You may click on the titles to read the abstracts for the presentations.

– Otto Anshus (Department of Computer Science, University of Tromsø):
«High-performance, high-resolution, large-sized, multi-user interactive visualization»

– Anders Kluge (InterMedia, University of Oslo):
«Use of interactive models in the school – How complex can they be?»

Anniken Furberg (InterMedia, University of Oslo):
«Use of representations»

Wolfgang Leister, Ingvar Tjøstheim and Till Halbach Røssvoll (Norwegian Computing Center):
«Trend in user experience research»

Rolf Steier and Palmyre Pierroux (InterMedia, University of Oslo):
«Museums in schools – schools in museums: Interactive table tops and meaning making in art and architecture»

Gunnar Liestøl (Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo):
«Sensory media: Indirect augmented reality and situated simulations of future topics (urban plannig)»

Erik Bjerketnedt Nordbye (DIIZ):
«Case study: Quadrum» + «Interactive augmented reality and cultural heritage»


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Visualization of complex data

Have a look at this very nice visualization of Norwegians’ national migration patterns. It’s been created out of more than 300.000 changes of address in the national population registers of Norway. Even Westvang, its creator, has developed a number of interesting projects in which he searches for new and compelling ways of visualizing public data. He is also a member of one of our partner’s project: YOUrban. Within YOUrban, he develops the Seeplan series of works, where he looks at how information design and data visualization may improve general access to city planning processes in Oslo. You can find more information on this and other works from Westvang here. NRK has broadcasted this visualization here.


Deluge from even westvang on Vimeo.

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The 20-th International Conference in Central Europe on
Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision (formerly Winter School of Computer Graphics, WSCG), will be held in Plzen (Czech Republic), at the University of West Bohemia, June 25-28.

This is a relevant international conference for INREMO, of wide scope, that deals with issues ranging from algorithms, data structures and techniques for computer graphics and visualization, to human computer interaction, animation and multimedia, or virtual reality. The conference has a relative long history, starting in 1992 after the Eastern Bloc «dissolution», and holding anually from 1994. The conference also has an associated international journal (WSCG journal).

Both full and short-communication papers, as well as posters, can be submitted. The deadline is March 6, 2012. For more information, visit the WSCG conference pages.

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Relevant call for INREMO: 450 millions to innovations-based research

The Research Council of Norway has allocated NOK 450 millions for innovation projects. The call for projects is framed within the User-driven Research-based Innovation program (BIA – Brukersstyrt InnovasjonsArena) and it aims at stimulating R&D initiatives in the trade and industry sector. This is the major call of this kind ever. You can read more about it at the BIA pages.

This call is well suited for INREMO. All partners needed to build a consortium (reserach partners, commercial partners) are present in the network. Please take contact with us or directly with other partners for collaboration. There may also be funding available from INREMO to develop ideas.

You may contact Anders Kluge and Alfredo Jornet Gil if you are interested in arranging a submission.

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INREMO kick-off seminar

The INREMO network is now underway! The network was officially launched last 12th of september 2011.  A kick-off meeting will was held at InterMedia (University of Oslo), where representatives of the different partners outlined the basis for collaboration and future development of the network. Some of the materials that were presented in the seminar are available under the «documents» section. The participants were:

  • Aaberge, Terje (Vestlandsforskning)
  • Anshus, Otto (IFI Tromsø)
  • Andreassen, Dag (NTM)
  • Bjørndalen, John Markus (IFI Tromsø)
  • Gjestrang, Kari (Expology AS)
  • Herstad, Jo (IFI Oslo)
  • Hetland, Per (InterMedia)
  • Jornet Gil, Alfredo (InterMedia)
  • Kluge, Anders (InterMedia)
  • Krange, Ingeborg (InterMedia)
  • Leister, Wolfgang  (Norsk Regnesentral)
  • Ludvigsen, Sten (InterMedia)
  • Mlonyeni, André (Forskningsrådet)
  • Morrison, Andrew (AHO)
  • Myhre, Kathrine (Meditech)
  • Pierroux, Palmyre (InterMedia)
  • Smørdal, Ole (InterMedia)
  • Stuedahl, Dagny (InterMedia)
  • Svanæs, Dag (NTNU)
  • Tarrou, Christian (Kalkulo)
  • Tjøstheim, Ingvar (Norsk Regnesentral)
  • Wøien, Torgunn (Aschehoug Undervisning)



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