Apertus is a consultancy company who designs and develops tailor-made Information Technology solutions for our costumers. Their solutions are based on open source components, like Linux and Java.

Aschehoug & Co.
H. Aschehoug & Co. has more than 130 years of tradition as an independent publishing house, and is leader in the Norwegian textbooks’ market. As a distributor of knowledge, Aschehoug is interested in the ways in which curricular contents are represented and disseminated.

Dept. of Media and Communication, UiO
The objective of the Department of Media and Communication (University of Oslo) is to conduct research, teaching and dissemination relating to modern media and their significance for society and people.

Dept. of Informatics (IFI oslo)
The Department of Informatics (IFI) of the University of Oslo was established in 1977 and is the oldest and largest informatics department in Norway. The research carried out at the Faculty covers a broad spectrum of research areas and is mostly experimental. The Faculty has a large portfolio of externally funded projects, and many of the researchers are reknown in the international field of research.

Dept. of Informatics (IFI Tromsø)
At the Department of Computer Science of the University of Tromsø, computer systems research represents the primary area of expertise. The departmen cooperates extensively with external partners in academia and industry. They typically evaluate their research ideas in multiple application domains, and their results are always supported by thorough experiments.

Dept. of Computer and Information Science, NTNU
Research at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) department of Computer and Information Science covers a wide range in the field, from research on computers, operating systems and programming, through research on database systems, security, performance and overall system development, to research on information systems and organizational aspects of IT, artificial intelligence and user interfaces

Diiz is a creative media production studio based in Oslo, Norway. They design and produce a broad range of visual content in fields such as industry, architecture, commercial, film, web and television. Their services range from single images to complete strategies for visual profiles. Their consultants have extensive experience with visual communication through a variety of media, and they efficiently analyze the needs of your company.

Expology as
Expology is a leading Nordic consultancy that supply complete services and solutions within the fields of communication, learning and experience. They work in creating interactive learning spaces in public and institutional centers, such as science museum, private firms or governamental buildings.Explogy design concepts where dramaturgy, technology and design are important means to create moments that enthuse and last.

ID Kongsberg
ID Kongsberg (Industriell Dokumentasjon) has over 35 years of experience in delivering documentation and illustration services to national and international customers. ID counts with a unique blend of technical authors and visual artists with the mission of  delivering effective written and visual communications, and innovative and complex solutions.

InterMedia is a multidisciplinary research center at the University of Oslo that aims to push the limits of design and use of digital environments in communication, collaboration and learning. InterMedia is the network leader.

Kalkulo as
Kalkulo AS delivers technical software based on mathematics, geometry and visualization. Kalkulo’s staff combines high academic education with hands on experience from research organizations and market driven companies.

Karde is a multidisciplinary consultancy agency that was established in 2004. They are currently working in several national and international R & D projects that focus on the design of universal ICT for users with cognitive impairments. They also have competency in organizational and semantic interoperability in the public sector.

Norwegian Association for Computer Graphics (NORSIGD)
NORSIGD is a non-profit organization aiming to promote, increase interest and increase knowledge of computer graphics in Norway.

Norwegian Center for Integrated Care and Telemedicine
The Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine (NST) is a centre of research and expertise that gathers, produces and disseminates knowledge about telemedicine services, both in Norway and internationally.
The NST runs applied research projects in multi-disciplinary areas telemedicine, e-health and integrated care. Its research community therefore consists of both technologists, social scientists, psychologists, lawyers and educators.

Norwegian Computing Center
Norsk Regnesentral (Norwegian Computing Center, NR) is a private, independent, non-profit foundation established in 1952. NR carries out contract research and development projects in the areas of information and communication technology and applied statistical modeling.

Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology
The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology (Norsk Teknisk Museum) is the national museum for technology, industry, science and medicine. The museum has over 20 permanent and temporary exhibitions about energy, oil, industry, medicine, airplanes, cars and trains. In addition, the museum hosts the Science Centre, where visitors can explore natura science and technological principles, and the National Museum of Medicine.

NOTAM develops technical solutions and imparts knowledge about potentials and possibilities that technology offers within the cultural domain. The center operates both at the national and international level, providing support for musicians and artists, and developing innovative music technology.

Oslo school of architecture and design
The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) is a scientific institution providing education within architecture and industrial design. The education, research and project development at AHO is centered on design and reflections on design through critique, history and theoretical developments.

Vestlandsforsking is an assignment-based research institute. The institute is organised as a foundation and was established on 6 March 1985. Sogn and Fjordane county municipality was the formal founder. The institute is located in Sogndal, by the Sognefjord in the western part of Norway. Vestlandsforsking shall provide contributions of knowledge of a high quality which shall contribute to greater insight into and innovation and development of policy, administration and value creation. Vestlandsforsking shall participate at the forefront of national and international research, and be an active participant in development in Western Norway.

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