A number of ongoing research & development projects on interactive representations and models are conducted by INREMO partners. Here you get a brief description of them, and links to their respective web-sites.

Research in CONTACT (Communicating Organizations in Networks of Art and Cultural Heritage Technologies) investigates the design and use of digital and social media for visitors’ meaning making activities in museums and cultural heritage organizations. Problems in practice  and aniticipating change related to new ICTs, identified in collaboration with our different museum partners, frame the development of research activities in CONTACT. Partners of the CONTACT project are InterMedia, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Museum of Cultural History, Norwegian Maritime Museum, The Norwegian Museum of Science Technology and Medicine, and Kysten.

Mixed Reality Interactions across Contexts of Learning (MIRACLE) is a project funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and organized as part of InterMedia’s project portfolio. MIRACLE aims to deliver models of learning spaces where a mixed reality set up can create a learning experience that seamlessly ties together different settings: the school, the web, and the museum. Partners of MIRACLE are Storm Studios, Norwegian Museum of Science Technology and Medicine, and Co-design.

SCY – Science Created by You
SCY is an Integrated project financed by the 7th framework program in the European Commission. It runs from 2008-2012 with 12 partners from 7 countries. The SCY philosophy of learning is ‘learning by designing artifacts’. SCY-Lab provides adaptive support for these activities through providing students with pedagogical scaffolds, collaboration facilities, and peer assessment and social tagging tools.  

YOUrban is a research project at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design into social media, design and the city. It investigates tools and means to creating engagement and a sense of ownership and responsibility towards our physical, social and cultural world. InterMedia, Bengler Media, and Faster Imaging are among its partners.

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