INREMO is a resource network for fostering and supporting of innovation in design and research of digital interactive representations and models. Funded by the Research Council of Norway within the VERDIKT (Core Competence and Value Creation in ICT) program, the network is constituted by universities, university colleges, research centers as well as private actors in industry, that together aim at influencing both national and international policies and research strategies in regard to the development of digital representational means. The INREMO partners are concerned with understanding and designing interactive digital displays as a contemporary, pervasive means for organizing different activities in diverse social settings. This involves investigating and designing new ways for presenting and making information interactive in settings as diverse as (and not limited to) classrooms, scientific contexts, cultural-heritage centers, or industrial engineering. Through the organization of seminars, creative work meetings, and a communication network, INREMO represents a platform for:

  • the development of new ideas for research projects and design
  • the dissemination of research results and academic discussions
  • contributing to the scientific understanding of individual and collaborative interactions with digital representations
  • forming new constellations of collaboration both at the national and international level
  • providing input to and enriching discussions on research policy within the domain of interactive representations and models


The steering committee of the INREMO network:
Anders Kluge, InterMedia
Dag Andreassen, Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology
Kari Gjetrang, Expology
Otto Anshus, University of Tromsø
Wolfgang Leister, Norwegian Computing Center


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