Minutes from 22 March 2012 Seminar

March 22nd we had a complete, inspiring, exciting and productive meeting at Diiz’s offices in Vippetangen (Oslo). Complete because we attended a set of presentations from our different partners that covered a wide range of really interesting issues, and which in a way or another, were all relevant for INREMO’s shared interests. It was inspiring because we all could find aspects of each others’ projects, preoccupations and positions that could empower our own projects beyond our current developments. It was exciting because we all became sensitive to the possibility of something good to come out of INREMO’s efforts for bringing our ideas together. And it was productive because a number of specific tasks and activities were included in the network’s agenda that surely will materialize some of the inspiration and excitement so far aroused. Here some of these:

– Some of the presentations that were held at our seminar are available here. Please, send us your presentations if you wish to share it.

– Our study tour to USA is getting closer. It will be a wonderful occasion to getting to know the state of the art in computer graphics and interactive techniques, as we will be visiting the Siggraph 2012 conference at Los Angeles. We leave Oslo August 4th. After four days in L.A., we will fly to San Francisco August 8th, where we will visit the Exploratorium science center. There,we will also have the opportunity to visit some companies or institutions of interest for us at the Syllicone Valley area. Who/what we will visit is still open for discussion. Those of you with suggestions may contact us. We come back August 11th. This tour can be a rich source of inspiration and learning for all us. In addition, we will have the occasion to know each other’s work, interests and ideas beyond what regular seminars and formal settings usually afford.

– We will soon have an «Ideas Seminar». This time, the seminar will be hosted by Expology. During the seminar, we will discuss  specific ideas for possible, feasible future projects initiated by INREMO’s partners in alliance. In order to bring these main ideas, we challenge all you to send us drafts for possible projects that would involve collaboration between our partners. A relatively short text, preferably accompanied by illustrations, in which you describe a suggestion for a collaborative project within INREMO’s areas of interest should be sent to us within April 20th. We encourage you to involve our partners in your preliminary development of ideas if you wish, and to send in as many ideas as you may come up with.

– Otto Anshus will represent INREMO at the VERDIKT conference that will be held on 26 April. There, he will report on our activities so far, and forthcoming projects. In this regard, you are welcome to contribute with your input. Take contact if you wish that any issue regarding our network is covered or put forward at that conference.

Paricipants in the seminar were:

  • Aaberge, Terje (Vestlandsforskning)
  • Andreassen, Dag (Norsk Teknisk Museum)
  • Angell, Anette (Diiz)
  • Anshus, Otto (Ifi, University of Tromsø)
  • Fjørtoft, Trond (Diiz)
  • Furberg, Anniken (InterMedia)
  • Gjetrang, Kari (Expology)
  • Herstad, Jo (Ifi, University of Oslo)
  • Jornet Gil, Alfredo (InterMedia)
  • Kluge, Anders (InterMedia)
  • Leister, Wolfgang (Norsk Regnesentral)
  • Liestøl, Gunnar (IMK, University of Oslo)
  • Martin, Nicole (AHO)
  • Morvan, Tangui (Kalkulo)
  • Mørken, Knut (Ifi, University of Oslo)
  • Nordbye, Erik Bjerkervedt (Diiz)
  • Pierroux, Palmyre (InterMedia)
  • Sander, Preben (Expology)
  • Shlegel, Julia (Diiz)
  • Tarrou, Christian (Kalkulo)
  • Tjøstheim, Ingvar (Norsk Regnesentral)
  • Våge, Synnøve Wille (Diiz)


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