Project Ideas Seminar

Next 12 – 13 of June, the INREMO network will hold its first Project Ideas Seminar. The seminar will take place at Leangkollen Hotel, in Asker, and will last during two half-days, starting at 13:00 on Tuesday, and finishing Wednesday at 13:00. In this occasion, the seminar will be arranged by Expology. During the seminar, INREMO partners will suggest and discuss ideas for possible projects within the network. A dynamic, open and participatory structure will be adopted in order to foster diversity and creativity in the process. The aim is to stimulate the formulation of innovative and feasible ideas for developing specific collaborations within the network, and in the field of interaction design and digital visualization. The INREMO network may invest up to NOK 200.000 in order to support further development of the most promising ideas. With this initiative, INREMO fulfills one of its core ambitions: that of fostering innovation in research and design of interactive visualizations by bringing together an inter-disciplinar team of professionals from industry and academy.

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